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Alert 2013!

Imagen de  Alert 2013! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding

Alert 2013!

Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding
Escola de Cultura de Pau

Fuera de colección
Justicia y derechos humanos
Paz y conflictos
ISBN: 9788498885101
Año Publicación: 2013
páginas: 232
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Alert 2013 only available in ebook and print on demand (see below)

Alert 2013! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding
is a yearbook which analyzes the state of the world in connection with conflicts and peacebuilding based on four areas of analysis: armed conflicts, socio-political crises, peace processes and the gender dimension on peacebuilding. Focusing on these areas, Alert 2013! offers an overview of the world´s state of affairs and reveals possible trends and dynamics related to the characteristics and evolution of those areas. The comparison of the data with figures from previous years means the report can act as an early warning tool regarding general trends or situations in specific countries. This can be useful, among other things, to devise foreign policy, development cooperation and arms transfer policies, as well as policies to prevent armed conflicts and consolidate peace processes and post-war recovery.

Ed Garcia,
Professor and Senior Policy Advisor, International Alert

Alert 2013! provides a valuable guide to the armed conflicts and crises that the global community confronts today while helping the serious reader to understand the responses made by peacebuilders as well as human rights and humanitarian workers to these recurring challenges. It is rare to find a compendium that distils lessons learned in diverse regions of conflict and crises in a manner that is thoroughly analytical, respectful of rights, gender-sensitive and forward looking. For policy makers and those engaged in statecraft the sections that identify probable focal points of tension and deal with opportunities for peace are illustrative of the comprehensive approach that the team from the Escola de Cultura de Pau brings to this undertaking. Researchers, scholars, media people, students of politics and parliamentarians alike will find in this annual report an irreplaceable tool not only to better understand the sources of violence in our world but also to rediscover the resources to transform its future to make sure that it is different from the past.

Itziar Ruiz-Giménez Arrieta,
Professor of International Relations and Coordinator of the African Studies Group of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Fortunately, this year´s Alert 2013 report is once again being published, in spite of the current crisis that is affecting both the economy and the university. This is an essential tool for those of us interested in armed conflict and peacebuilding. This one source keeps us current on the ups and downs of each conflict, whether they have been "forgotten" or not, and it presents, in a concise but precise way, the complexity of the causes and the actors and factors present in them. There is no better recipe against reductionist and monocausal narratives that focus on the "ethnic curse" or the "resource curse". Its most valuable contribution, however, is the detailed analysis of peace processes and, in particular, their gender "dimension", rendering visible initiatives by women and the progress and setbacks in their struggle for gender equity. This is an essential element for another type of "peacebuilding" that has an impact on those who are behind the scenes in many of these conflicts: the current global, neoliberal, unfair and patriarchal system.

Alberto Gomes,
Director of the Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia

Alert 2013! is indeed an impressive yearbook that is indispensable to anyone interested in analyses of conflicts, crises and peace processes around the world. Escola de Cultura de Pau of Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona is to be commended for producing for the twelfth year such a comprehensive and insightful report on the trends and vicissitudes related to armed conflict, human rights abuses, and peace work. What I found to be particularly valuable are the sections on gender perspectives and opportunities for peacebuilding. The several tables and charts summarising and illustrating information on country-specific conflict or peacebuilding instances or events allow for quick comparative analysis. This report will serve as a key resource for my Centre in its dialogue and conflict transformation work.

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